The Road Accident Fund (hereinafter referred to as the RAF) has over the years created the assurance that public road users will be covered in the event of any motor vehicle accident which caused either injuries or death, and for the losses suffered thereby, such as medical expenses, loss of earnings and even general damages (damages for pain and suffering).

By: Bradley Ravens; director at TNK Attorneys

We have reached the end of yet another year, and the mood is festive. Everyone is focused on buying presents and going away for the festive season. This is also the opportune time for those with criminal intent to strike, especially against the unsuspecting customer.
Tis the season for giving, however some may feel it is the season for taking. The incidence of fraud, theft and robberies are on the increase during this time of the year, and we need to be more aware of what happens around us during this time of the year.

One of the most controversial topics in the sphere of Family Law is related to the topic of maintenance payable in respect of minor children. The common law provides that there is a duty on both parents of a minor child to support the child, which obligation is incurred jointly by the parents. This duty refers to the support the child would reasonably require for his or her living and upbringing.

You have property and have rented it out. The tenant has decided that he can no longer afford the rent, and no letters or threats seem to make any difference to this cause. The tenant not only refuses to pay the rent, but he also fails to vacate the property.

To put icing on the cake, the law provides more protection to the tenant than ever before. It comes as no surprise that landlords feel that the current legislation enables the tenant to avoid paying rent and also offers much more protection to tenants; interests and rights than to those of the landlord.

Lower level employees require job-security. They need to feel secure that in the troubling economic climate, there is a commitment from their employer that they will continue to work for their employer for longer periods than just a few months.

In terms of Section 1 of the Correctional Services Act 111 of 1998 parole means a form of community corrections. A sentenced offender will be released into society after a certain amount of time of his sentence to imprisonment has been served. The early release of offenders is subject to conditions as determined by the Parole Board (“the board”) releasing the offender and the relevant legislation. Parole is an internationally accepted mechanism which helps offenders to reintegrate into society after serving their sentence in custody.

To what extent has the public lost confidence in the authority of our country’s Chapter 9 institutions?

In the Supreme Court of Appeal case of The Public Protector v Mail & Guardian Ltd Judge Nugent stated the following:

Having the right legal framework in place is a vital first step in creating a state that delivers effective services to its citizens, and can be held to account for its failures. But, as the experience of the past 20 years demonstrates, good laws do not lead inevitably to good service delivery.

While driving home, along the M5 highway, this weekend, I slowed my vehicle down after passing the Black River Parkway off ramp that leads to the N2 freeway.

The reason I slowed down is that two weeks prior while driving along the stretch of the M5 highway, which is adjacent to the Rondebosch Golf Club, I had seen from afar a golf ball emerge from the side of the road on which the Golf Club is, and bounce dangerously across the M5 highway.

I knew to be careful.

Online-based businesses like Uber will change the traditional way of doing business

The rapid rise of Uber and Airbnb, which have threatened the survival of traditional businesses, have attracted regulatory scrutiny everywhere in the world where their businesses are flourishing.

Uber and Airbnb have disrupted the traditional taxi and hotel industries. And their potential for greater growth is still high.