STAR, Workplace 10 Sep 2014, p. 2


A PETITION by a Cape Town father might help South Africa to catch up with paternity leave norms else- where in the world.

While families are increasingly progressive and gender neutral, South African law has not yet caught up by allowing fathers to take paternity leave or by considering the needs of adoptive and foster parents.

Cape Argus – 10 Dec 2014 p.11


In the professional sporting arena, athletes have to remain totally focused on performance, distance, speed, angles, strategies, strength, power and other metrics that give them the edge.

These professionals cannot also be expected to take time out of their training to attend to potentially complex legal and business affairs.

Article Author: David van Niekerk

Published: 26 September 2011

The recent enactment of the Consumer Protection Act has seemed to cause a feverish level of excitement amongst businesses, the media and the general public. The attention of the general public has primarily been focused around the provision which allows a buyer to return goods and limits the ability of retailers to institute a no refunds policy.